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  • haukka_luge haukka_luge May 10, 2012 1:49 PM Flag

    How come no one asks Robmey

    Well, I agree in the sense that this sort of crap is rarely relevant to a candidate's ability to do the job.

    On the other hand, I do see a difference between the entirely fictional nonsense that obsessive conservatives have been throwing at President Obama since day one, and questioning Mitt Romney about some well-documented practices in the church where he serves as a senior leader.

    I don't really believe that Mr. Romney supports polygamy, as I believe that the practice has been officially renounced by the LDS. He may have multiple houses and multiple positions on the same issue, but not multiple wives.

    However, the baptizing of non-Mormons into the Church is another matter. His own father-in-law, a scientist who was fervently anti-religious, was himself "baptized" into the Church of LDS following his death. Aside from being monumentally disrespectful to the departed, that is just plain creepy.

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    • Re: Creepy,

      No, it's clinically insane.

      People who profess strong religious beliefs should not be able to hold positions of public trust.

      A year or so ago, there was a tornado in St. Louis airport. The news media interviewed some TSA person: "I started praying to God to save us."

      No, you moron, your job is to act, you, not God. You're supposed to do what is necessary to save lives, not fall on your knees and start babbling.

      When I get on a plane and sit in an emergency row, they ask me: "Are you willing to help evacuate the plan?" If I answer, 'No, I'm going to be wailing and gnashing my teeth, praying for Jesus to intercede', they'll change my seat.

      We should have a faith test for all public officials: 'will you pray or act in an emergency'. If you don't know, you can't have the job.

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