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  • sstail94 sstail94 Aug 23, 2012 1:03 PM Flag

    George Will:"Romney hiding something bad"


    LMAO @ U - You haven't killed anything, and the American People know that! After 4 years they also KNOW who and what Obama is.

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    • Yep, I agree, "After 4 years they also KNOW who and what Obama is." They know he was BORN IN THE USA, they know HE IS A GENIUS, they know he wants to CUT TAXES FOR WORKING AMERICAN FAMILIES, they KNOW HE WANTS TO RAISE TAXES ON MILLIONAIRES & BILLIONAIRES, they know he made it POSSIBLE FOR THEM TO HAVE HEALTHCARE, and they KNOW THAT mcconnell & republiCONs BLOCKED ALMOST EVERYTHING HE ATTEMPTED TO DO FROM DAY ONE! That is what the American people know about President Obama FROM HIS RECORD!!

      On the other hand, the American People know very little about romney except that he is a LIAR many times over and he is a draft dodger, they also know he OUTSOURCED THOUSANDS OF AMERICAN JOBS TO INDIA & CHINA, THEY KNOW HE AXED THOUSANDS OF AMERICAN JOBS, THEY KNOW HE HAS OFF SHORE BANK ACCOUNTS IN ORDER TO DODGE THE TAXES HE OWES(AT LEAST),THEY KNOW HE IS A FLIP FLOPPER ON PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING FROM TAXES TO ABORTION...depends on who he is talking to. I'm sure if you put romney in the presence of Mao, he would support Communism.

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      • calls_them_as_i_see_them calls_them_as_i_see_them Aug 23, 2012 2:21 PM Flag

        How can you possibly want President Obama back for a second term? I agree that he is a very smart and likeable guy. In fact I like him a whole lot more than I like Romney. However, he was born and raised a communist.(don't believe me? look it up) He means well, but he's going to drive the economy further into the ground with his social policies. He's a good man, but not a good president.

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