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  • nk499 nk499 Aug 30, 2012 8:31 PM Flag

    Do we really need 349,600 employee's with full benefits. Layoff 130,000 of them now

    jokidiot, MEG ofcourse you f'n #$%$ and then you if you work at hp. Look at all the money wasting sites they have all over the u.s.,take boise,id that was started in 1972 or1973 for cheap manufacturing labor thats all gone now so what are all those idiots getting paid for there and don't give me no #$%$ i know. SHUT DOWN THE BOISE AND ROSEVILLE SITES AND SELL THE LAND. Those are two sites i know, i worked at both of them and there is so much dead weight it is insane.Scumbags are literally getting paid for nothing. When i heard that loser meg was only laying off 35000 people i knew she was another incompetent overpaid piece of garbage. CLOSE SITES AND FIRE 150,000.

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