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  • sstail94 sstail94 Sep 24, 2012 1:32 PM Flag

    Willard Romney Already Starting with Excuses


    And I find your analysis to be of less value and politically charged garbage. Romney is correct in that most of the government toadies collecting from the gravy train wouldn't last in a real job. Just look to Teachers Unions and Public Sector Employees for proof. Any bets those Chicago teachers would be making 76K on average with the kinds of benefits they have without Union Thugs and the Democratic Party Machine of Chicago behind them?

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    • Well, I do have to applaud you on having a counter point to my post. Usually you just say "you're a jerk' and "Obama does the same thing."

      I'd take that bet.

      Education success for populations varies much more with poverty than any other factor. Teachers often have advanced degrees, years of experience, and a rich skill set. Those same factors in the private sector would lead to higher salaries than in education, not lower.

      Sure, there are slugs in any profession, and we all need to work for good tactical goals: A great teacher in every classroom. Manageable class sizes. Inspiring, feature rich classrooms that enable and empower the learners and instructors.

      In Singapore and Finland they have the highest achieving students, by population measure, in the entire world.

      Curiously, both countries pay their teachers as much as a medical doctor makes.

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