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  • exhpa exhpa Nov 8, 2012 1:25 PM Flag

    The people have voted and we must obey.

    Why was GWB reelected, if neocons hated waste, stupidity, and repeating the same mistakes? Some fanatics attacked America, so GWB invaded Iraq. The same GWB who opposed "nation building" in the campaign went to it with a will, once elected. And we all know the fallout of the "compassionate conservative's" drive for an "Ownership Society."

    Yet patent absurdities like the carrier landing of "Mission Accomplished," a decade before Iraq could stand on its own, didn't even produce embarrassment. Why didn't America fire that ineffective white President? Because they could drink a beer with him?

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    • GWB was re-elected because the democraps had a really #$%$ candidate (both times). With Obama, I don't think it was GOP candidate as much as people being brain washed. Obummer was re-elected and I still don't understand what he even campaigned for other than "give me more time". More time for what? 4 more years of high unemployment and trillion dollar deficits? Yea, well...the people got what they wanted and now their grandchildren will have to live with it.

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