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  • unclefulbert unclefulbert Nov 9, 2012 1:47 PM Flag

    Barry stands the ground and the losers better take note

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama, laying down his marker for grueling budget and tax negotiations, said Friday he won't accept any approach to deficit reduction that doesn't ask the wealthy to pay more in taxes.

    "This was a central question during the election," Obama said in his first postelection comments on the economy. "The majority of Americans agree with my approach."

    The president, speaking before a group of middle class Americans in the White House East Room, said he wasn't wedded to every detail of the plans he outlined during the election, adding, "I'm open to compromise." But he offered no indication that he was willing to back down on his insistence that the wealthy pay more.

    Obama said he had invited congressional leaders of both parties to the White House next week to start negotiations on averting the "fiscal cliff" tax increases and automatic spending cuts due to hit in January that both parties agree could cripple the economy.

    Republicans, as they did throughout the past four years, say raising tax rates on wealthier Americans is a non-starter. Obama has given in to them on the matter before, but his aides believe he has earned a mandate on the issue through his re-election victory.

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    • I could accept a compromise of raising taxes on anyone making more then $1 million. But I doubt Obama and the dems will. Well the Republicans have 2 years to stick it to Obama before the next set of elections. And we all know how short the memory of the American people is.

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      • I would accept higher taxes on everyone under 1 condition. For every $1 taxes are raised, the budget has to cut $2. That means a real cut and not the normal Washington cut of "we had planned to raise spending by 5% and only raised it 1% so we cut spending by 4%.

        I want EVERYONE to pay more in taxes. When the whole country has consequences to the out of control spending then the country will be better off.

        The libturds have not figured out that we can raise the taxes on the "wealthy" by a large percent and still have almost a trillion dollar deficit each year based on Oblunder's budgets.

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