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  • nusaiba nusaiba Nov 9, 2012 4:06 PM Flag

    HPQ needs Mark hurd now and fire meg and the board of hpq for their huge missteps and destroying hpq stock value to 10 yrs low

    Enough of the ceo and the board

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    • Mark Hurd's approach to building the business was to buy established companies and increase the value by cost cutting measures. This method does not work for technology companies. He would make a far better administrator of a government agency than as a head of a technology company. It's a good approach for some businesses but not for a company that depends on developing new inventions.

      It always takes time to fix the problems bad management has created. I've heard Dave Packard once something along the lines he had to fire that manager because if he didn't he would have to shutdown the operation and lay off 400 people. Unfortunately HP has had to put a lot more than 400 employees on unemployment because of poor management.

      Meg Whitman has not been at HP long enough to see if her ideas will produce
      good or bad results. The company cannot be successful if it's direction is changed
      continually. If you want to make a quick buck, book a room in and a flight to
      Las Vegas.

      Let's hope the BOD and the senior management have read and understood
      Dave Packard's book.

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      • well, i believe this company is about to rise again, when big name like hpq and aapl ... are being treated like a dog, you know big guys are driving it down ridiculously so they can make more money on both trading sides. likewise, when they drive a big name company up without any real reason, they keep doing that until one day, they drop it like a #$%$. well, i am stucked with hpq, and really disappointed. but guess what? gotta wait till 11/20, hopefully, some mirracle is about to happen before that date.

    • I don't think even Steve Jobs could save this dinosaur.

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