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  • sstail94 sstail94 Nov 11, 2012 9:07 AM Flag

    The States that receieved the most federal dollars


    Your the one who keeps yapping about the "red states" being parasites. Looks as if without all that government spending - military or otherwise - all you big blue state economies aren't all that great.

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    • I have never once called red states parasites. You are the one who keeps trying to make a false case about blue states. I have just kept pointing out that you have no idea what the word "more" means. LOL I do find it interesting however that you have chosen to define middle class people working in the defensive industry (and paying a larger percent of their income in taxes than Romney is) and those who defend us by serving in the military as people who are living off the dole in order to try and make your case. What a shame that on a day like Veterans day you show your disdain for those who serve.

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