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  • htx18n htx18n Nov 16, 2012 11:15 AM Flag

    Thank God for Rick Santelli

    He is at it again. According to the constitution of the united states, the house has the responsibility over financials for the government, not the senate, not the president...period. Tax income is 1.3 trillion and the cost to service our debt is $1 trillion all by itself. There is NO WAY to get out of this mess without cutting spending....period. There is NO WAY to get out of this mess by simply taxing the rich more...period. IT IS MATH People!!! So we will go over the fiscal cliff, not because of republicans, but because of the president and the dems who wont cut spending. IT would be absoluted stupid for the republicans to agree to any change in tax policy by itself. The must demand that entitlements are reformed as well as the tax structure before any deal is done. Other wise there will be no leverage to get the spend happy democrats to cut anything...period.

    You can cry about the rich paying their "fair share" all you want. That has absolutely nothing to do with our predicament. And, when you point to the bush tax cuts, the cuts that helped the middle and lower class a whole lot more than it helped the rich (do your homework), you are basically saying that giving them a break didn't help them at all and had nothing to do with reduced revenue.

    Get a clue

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    • Nonsense - we need both, to cut expenses but also to raise more revenue. (tax increases). The "entitlements" are money well spent and the true role of any government (the welfare of all its citizens). Let's look for the genuine financial waste and eliminate it. Don’t build bombs, start wars if you can’t feed your people first. Also please do not worry so much about the rich; they have an army of lawyers, lobbyists that protect their interests. Our entire economy is now serving the 1%, they do not need your petty help. We just came form a general election; we need to accept that the majority of the people sides with the democrats!

    • Correct. Now if only the Dems would get it and understand it and move on to help fix things rather than wreak things.

    • exactly right

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