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  • fonzischeme333 fonzischeme333 Nov 21, 2012 10:40 AM Flag

    Meg has ZREO credibility if she doesn't successfully sue Autonomy now

    If she's so confident there was fraud on Autonomoy's part, then where's the lawsuit announcement?

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    • This is not a technical matter, this is a legal matter. Too bad the HP management is trying to find an legal excuse for the bad situation. Either the Autonomy problem is true or fake, it is the HP who failed in this deal. Instead on focusing on the technological advances, HP is now spending effort of this sort of things. Customers will not like that, HP partners either. It is not good, even if truly is a problem it should have been approached and resolved in a sensible and private way. It is a sign of serious desperation for HP. Just saying,…

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      • jonose Nov 21, 2012 12:07 PM Flag

        No, she will be the target of the lawsuits.
        Shareholders have lost billions and have a case for negligence
        Former Autonomy owners have case for defamation.
        Both will bring even more negative publicity to HPQ.

        What is not mentioned is how much Oracle hates HP and is putting full effort to take away customers.

        What is not mentioned is that Microsoft no longer needs HP and will expand competing products in their retail stores. When Microsoft also starts selling their own printers, what will HP have left?

        Meg made no effort to fix the partnerships with Oracle and Microsoft, which previous CEOs decided that HP did not need and now without these partners HP will continue to decline.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • The HP brand is tarnished by this. How can I buy a HP laptop or desktop if I can't trust the company to stand behind their actions and products.

        I was considering a HP desktop with Windows 8, but I'm going to stick with Dell now. Thanks Meg for making my decision easier.

    • Meg's had ZERO credibility ever since she said she could put PayPal out of business.

      Go over to the EBAY board right now and see what people have to say about Mrs. Potato Head falling on her face so quickly here?

    • You are a #$%$ Autonomy doesn't exist anymore. HPQ bought it.

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      • Classic bagholder.

        The $11.1B that bought the company went somewhere. For a CEO of a major company to get up on her soapbox and blame HP's incompentency on the SELLERS of Autonomy, isn't just a small accusation. Those sellers should sue HP for defamation to character if she can't back it up. And shareholders should/will sue HP for the loss of value resulting from the Autonomy loss.

        Meg is in over her head and just a scapegoat for the collapse in HP's value. She isn't innovating anything except accusations.

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