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  • page.roler page.roler Nov 26, 2012 5:48 PM Flag

    Obomos Fed Jackbooted thugs trampling on STATES MAIJUANA RIGHTS/LAWS

    Li #$%$ now FINALLY screeching about STATES RIGHTS....Welcome to the big Fed Jack-booted gov't you created....youM or ons!

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    • Oh really, please cite one instance where the Feds have taken action against a State's marijuana law since the last election? But I am glad to know that you would be willing to get Congress to change the Federal laws against marijuana. We Progressives and Libertarians have been championing that for years. It's about time you neo-Cons join the movement. If the Republican house would sponsor and pass a bill legalizing marijuana, thereby repealing laws passed before Obama took office, they could stop that overeaching Obama in his tracks from enforcing the law of the land. Welcome to the 21st century roler!

      In the meantime I am barricading my doors because my State and Local government have decided to use their jackbooted thugs to prevent me from buying a drink on Sunday or from a free market capitalist business instead of going into a Facist owned government store!! I heard tell there are even places where a citizen can't buy liquor at all. Dang those Xian fanatics.

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