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  • vt_investor vt_investor Dec 5, 2012 4:08 PM Flag

    Re: Re: Obama has bought his votes....Ye

    And there's also a good fraction of a percent of the votes that go for folks like Mickey Mouse, Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga, Bart Simpson, or some guy's wife or mother-in-law who he wants to get out of the house more often. These sorts of votes never get reported in these summaries, but they are there.

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    • Interseting are willing to mock someone else injuries. How do you explain your own stupidity? Were you an abortion gone wrong?

    • vt,

      That's true. Springer's head must had sustained some trauma ... either from falling off his bike or Romney's agonizing loss.

    • sst says: " I'll bet there were less than 100 votes like that across the entire country."

      There have always been more than 100 votes like that at every election at our polling place, at least all the elections where I have counted votes.. You can see that there were probably nearly 30 for the presidential election alone. And there are usually more for governor, congressman, senator, and every other office. What people would put on their ballots always amazed me. Every other election official who i have spoken with has assured me that there are similar numbers of those votes at every polling place. I would also expect a half dozen votes for Ron Paul, and maybe even a couple for Hillary.

      Counting write-ins is by far the most time consuming part of counting the votes. And unless there is a big write-in campaign for a particular candidate, the names are usually all different. In those cases we just count it as a write-in, and don't ever consider the name, unless someone actually wrote in the name of an actual candidate. (And that sometimes happens, too).

      In other cases, someone will vote for every candidate on the ballot, making their vote meaningless and not counted. I repeat, volunteer to help count the votes. You will be amazed at what is sometimes put on the ballots.

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