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  • billyliar66 billyliar66 Dec 30, 2012 9:40 AM Flag

    Search of Newtown Crime Scene: No Evidence Video Games Killed 20 Children

    Looks like the crime scene forensics are complete: no evidence that video games or violent movies, or texting was used to kill 20 children. No reports that game controllers, Xboxes, PS3, or WII consoles were found on the scene.

    The evidence, mainly dozens of spent .223cal cartridges and a .223 Bushmaster Assault Rifle, points that a military weapon was used to do the killing.

    The nation should turn its full attention on how to manage possession of dangerous weapons. These weapons need to be kept out of the hands of maniacs. That pretty much precludes any person who thinks they need an assault rifle from owning one.

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    • The evidence shows a crazy person named Lanza committed the crime. You seem incapable of understanding that. So long as there are people as crazy as you there will be those who want to be armed to protect themselves.

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      • Exactly. Further, absent a comprehensive periodic mental health screening, insane people can get guns.

        A perfect opportunity for the private sector: mandatory shooter insurance. You want to 'protect' yourself, in quotes because its really just assuaging your paranoia, you need a $10,000,000 liability policy.

        The insurance company will screen you, at your expense, on their timetable, and issue or not issue a policy.

        No policy, no guns.

    • Per wikipedia's cited source, Lanza killed his mother with a .22 Marlin rifle, likely the kind parents give their sons at the age of 12. I suspect he needed to in order to get the key to his mother's gun safe where she stored the Bushmaster.

      It's going to be hard to keep firearms out of the hands of a psychopath who would slaughter his own mother to get one.

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