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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Jan 14, 2013 5:18 PM Flag

    There's No Other Explanation... Obama Seeks to Bankrupt America


    Obama is still refusing to tie any spending cuts to a hike in the debt ceiling. He's demanding that congress raise it and fighting any attempts to cut spending meaningfully while $Trillion dollar deficits continue un-abated.

    During the election campaign... Obama constantly said there should be a "balanced" approach.

    On January 2nd, we got a ton of new taxes, but no spending cuts. In fact, spending was INCREASED... on un-employment benefits since un-employment is still so high and job-creators are getting hit the hardest with Obama's new taxes.

    Anybody who thought a "balanced approach" would involve spending cuts sometime AFTER the tax increases needs to think again... Obama want's MORE tax increases and isn't proposing any spending cuts at all.

    This is ABSOLUTE INSANITY... $Trillion dollar deficits... the fed printing money in massive amounts... and the president demands debt ceiling increases with no spending cuts.

    4 years ago, Obama said health insurance premiums would decline by $2,500 per family by now... instead, the WSJ reports today that they have INCREASED by $3,000... a full $5,500 swing from what Obama promised.

    No question about it, the greatest enemy of America is the President HIMSELF!


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    • I expect that you won't be deterred from your rant by facts, but here are a few you might want to note.

      1. Federal spending under Obama has increased at the lowest rate since the Eisenhower administration.
      2. Even before the recent tax bill, the federal deficit under Obama was declining. It will decline even faster with the additional tax revenue that will now come in.
      3. Congress writes the federal budget; Obama can either sign it or refuse to sign it. If the budget contains red ink, it is because Congress has put it there.
      4. The greatest long term threat to fiscal stability is Medicare. Obama cannot reduce the rate of growth of Medicare spending by executive order; Congress has to write new legislation to do that. The last time Congress wrote Medicare specific legislation, they added a half-a-trillion dollar prescription drug benefit without any offsetting taxes to pay for it. Congressional Republicans supported that Medicare expansion.
      5. The next greatest long-term threat is endlessly rising defense spending. Congressional Republicans won't consider cutting the defense budget, even though the United States spends as much on its military as most of the rest of the world combined. On the contrary, every Congessional Reublican can be counted on to vote for keeping the defense dollars flowing.
      6. Congress raised the debt ceiling 7 times for George W. Bush without a whisper of opposition from Congressional Republicans. On the contrary, nearly all of them voted for the debt ceiling increases without giving it a second thought. .

      And to your point about insurance premiums, it is the medical insurers, not the administration, that is resopnsible for those double-digit increases in premiums. The companies have used the health care law as an excuse to jack up premiums. Since the insurance companies are regulated at the state level and since most state insurance commissions are in the pockets of the insurance companies. nobody should be surprised.

    • Congress wants to bankrupt America, not Obama. Congress appropriated money we don't have, yet wants to make Obama look like the bad guy.

      Congress spent the money, yet didn't change the debt ceiling to cover the money they spent.

      Congress went to Obama, gave him a list, and said, "Here's what we want to spend money on."
      Obama said, "OK, but we won't have enough revenues to pay the bills"

      So, time passes, and the bills become due. Obama has to borrow money to pay for them all. Except he's reached an artificial limit that Congress created, so he can't.

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