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  • txtrader77 txtrader77 Jan 15, 2013 12:01 PM Flag

    don't believe radicals who claim marrisa mayer

    is having their 'conservative' posts deleted........that's unmitigated nonsense, as she has more important things to do than make sure stupid so-called 'conservative' blather here is deleted.......after all, how many of these posts are well articulated so that they make any sense

    filtered/deleted posts are/is the work of very bad software on very old/bad computing gear......nothing more nefarious at work here.........leave it to sstail to think some corporate and/or government entity has enough interest in his posts to watchover or dedicate expensive resources to filter out/delete.....lmao!

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    • vt

      You are, of course, right!! Just a frustrated conservative BA BA BAing!! Went to high school in Palo Alto (early 70's), collage in Corvallis and have owned HP stock since 1980, just can't believe how bad and irresponsable we have been with our economy!! Because I am a fiscal conservative in the strictest sense, some time I just blurt things out, out of frustration!

    • So if I stay local to HP......Meg vs Brown....that's OK!! Moonbeam smoked way to much pot and increased state income tax from 10% to 13%........something Meg would have never done!! This was just to fund teachers retirement! We will be taking our retirement out of Cali, like many others!! This is just the beginning of Cali's downgrade/fall!!! Hope that was on topic!! I think HP should move to a "right to work state" yesterday!!!!

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      • Cap sez, " I think HP should move to a "right to work state" yesterday!!!!"

        Why?? I don't know of any HP workers who were union members, although there may have been and still be some, especially in Europe and other countries. A move like that would do nothing but take HP away form the urban and academic environments where their high-tech workers prefer to live, and destroy their ability to invent anything new. (Although some will argue that that has already happened..) And much of HP's manufacturing is already done overseas, where there are no unions. Are you actually saying that HP could find the high tech workers that they need for 50 cents an hour in Alabama or south Carolina?

        Sentiment: Hold

    • Why, in a debate on "fair share" is this deleted...

      Top 10% (Income Split Point $113,799) Paid 69.94% of Federal Individual Income Taxe
      Top 25% (Income Split Point $67,280) Paid 86.34% of Federal Individual Income Taxes
      Top 50% (Income Split Point $33,048) Paid 97.30% of Federal Individual Income Taxes
      Bottom 50% (Anyone Making Less Than $33,048) Paid 2.7% of Federal Individual Income Taxes

      Why are simple facts deleted????????

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      • not specifically relevant to 'hpq' stock, company and/or financials?' could very well have meaningful practices in place and a filiter like this would be reasonable.......(e.g., object-based filters)................... i may, on occasions, make disparaging and/or sarcastic comments about yahoo or other corporate practices/policies, but these are just that....disparaging and/or sarcastic....

    • i was woefully wrong ........this opinion is completely misguided, wishful thinking....

    • Please note, my post about mayer being an Obama bundeler was deleted!

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