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  • billyliar66 billyliar66 Jan 16, 2013 12:46 AM Flag

    Tomorrow the President will "Regulate the Militia"

    It's his right, spelled out in plain language in the 2nd Amendment.

    No gun sales without a background check.

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    • Yeah...all those criminals in line filling out paperwork to get a gun.....I can see it more sandy hooks for sure now! How will this affect physicians cost of insurance? Once they incorrectly "turn in" someone by mistake...or not "turn in" someone by mistake the govt or private citizen will surely bring a lawsuit. That will prevent more sandy hooks. The jerk did nothing except issue some executive orders in an attempt to cement his tyranny.

    • Each of the President's Executive Orders is likely to be challenged. By making each order cover a single topic, rather than putting them all in one order, the President allowed for the possiblity that one or more might not survive judicial review. I'm not an expert on 2d Amendment law, but if the test of a regulation is that it has to have a "rational basis" (a common constitutional standard by which to judge regulations), it's hard to argue against a background check for all gun buyers. But is there a rational basis for a 10-bullet limit in a clip versus (say) a 20 bullet limit or a 5 bullet limit? That's the kind of question that the courts are going to wrestle with.

      It is regrettable that the President has had to act via Executive Order because Congress is too far in the pocket of the NRA to pass any legislation. A law passed by Congress and signed by the President commands more respect than an executive order issued by the President. I say that even though polling data indicates that the actions the President took are supported by huge majorities of Americans, including majorities of gun owners, Republicans and self-described conservatives. By refusing to act responsibly, Congress has opened the door for the President to act unilaterally. In the end, the NRA has only itself to blame for the new regulations. This is Obama's last term; unlike members of Congress, he can't be intimidated by the threat of the NRA organizing against him in his next election.

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      • Garbage as usual. The orders do not close a loophole at all. The good citizens are already checked. If someone wants a son or daughter to have a gun...are they really going to fill out paperwork if they know it may be used illegally? Once again the pain is only to those who legally obtain firearms, and in this case law abiding physicians. The criminals are unchecked. We can't even stop murders in prisons. Now just because they threatened the 2nd amendment they have millions more they can't track....

    • Barry is in his preamble and any moment now will list his executive directives ...

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