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  • ursofulofkrap ursofulofkrap Jan 21, 2013 4:10 PM Flag

    Where is Mitt you ask?

    every losing candidate for President has attended the inauguration, but where is sore loser Mitt? California, he took his ball and went home.


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    • Mitt is NOT a bloodsucking hypocrit like Comrade Blowbama and Joe ("taxes are patriotic but only donated $2K of MY OWN MONEY OUT OF THE $500K I EARNED AT THE PUBLIC TROUGH WITH MY WIFE "DOCTAH JILL BIDEN") Bit-me Biden are!!!

      America will get what it deserves from the Takers,Hobos and LIVS (Low Information Voters)!!

      Watch and see...............

    • oh yeah...Mitt earned his OWN money...he doesn't need to keepsucking up at the federal trough like Comrade Blowbama, Joe (earns $500k/year at the public trough and donates less than $2k to charity) Bite-me Biden and Al (0 to $300M in wealth cashing in from the public trough) Bore AND the CLINTONS (did ya forget how Hillary turned $1K in Pork Bellies into $100K or how about Billie's escapades in land deals and books sales)???!!!

      DumbocRATS are sleazy creepy people. Comrade Blowbama is lower than a DumbocRAT!!!

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