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  • vt_investor vt_investor Jan 30, 2013 1:22 PM Flag

    Does it look the same to you?

    It is beginning to appear that Yahoo is repeating an old trick. It looks, to me, like yahoo is deleting those post with the greatest number of thumbs down user evaluations. In the past the post evaluations had different labels, but the effect was the same. The posts that users said they liked least were the ones that were deleted.

    I don't have any problem with the deletion of posts that are offensive, personal, threatening, or spam, but deleting posts simply because some people don't agree with them is absolutely wrong. Everyone should have the right to say what they think and believe. Deleting posts that are completely out of the box do not help us to find better solutions , but instead brings everything to the mean.

    Back then, I stopped using any of the evaluation options, except for Excellent (then) or thumbs up (now), if the post deserved it. Might we need to do the same again, in order to protect everyone's right to speak their mind here?

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