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  • gopher_catcher gopher_catcher Feb 5, 2013 7:14 PM Flag

    Don't break up the company

    The board and the senior management need to fix the mess they created. They are responsible for the problems, and they need to fix them. Their breaking up the company would be an admission on their part they are not equal to the task of correcting their past errors. They went along with Fiorina, Hurd, and Apotheker. It is their responsibility to restore the company. They have made 10s to 100s of millions of dollars off the work of the staff employees. It is time for them to earn this money and deliver results.

    The producing of profit for short term shareholders as a result of a break up is an insult to the contributions of the long term past and present employees whose efforts produced the inventions, the products, and the businesses these people have used to enrich themselves.

    If these upper people in control are worth what they have been paid, let them show it. If they can't do that, it just adds more legitimacy to arguments for very high, 90% +, tax on income for people like this. They have the responsibility to the customers, the employees, and the shareholders of delivering the vision Dave Packard, and Bill Hewlett held.

    It is time for them to stand and deliver, not to run and hide like a bunch of cowards. It is time for them to create wealth, not distribute it. It's never easy to create true value. It's always easy to take money that isn't earned.

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