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  • sstail94 sstail94 Feb 13, 2013 9:10 AM Flag

    Yet another of Barry's SOTU lies


    Obama: It’s A “Fact The 12 Hottest Years On Record Have Come In The Last 15″ – Reality: Zero Global Temperature Increase Over Last 16 Years…

    Via the British Governments MET office.....

    The world stopped getting warmer almost 16 years ago, according to new data released last week.

    The figures, which have triggered debate among climate scientists, reveal that from the beginning of 1997 until August 2012, there was no discernible rise in aggregate global temperatures.

    This means that the ‘plateau’ or ‘pause’ in global warming has now lasted for about the same time as the previous period when temperatures rose, 1980 to 1996. Before that, temperatures had been stable or declining for about 40 years

    Barry usual

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    • Springs,

      1. The MET data was released last year, NOT last week.
      2. The MET data said the global temp was essentially flat in the past 15 years, NOT flat in past 30 years or 50 years. The statement did not contradict:

      Now, it's true that no single event makes a trend. But the fact is, the 12 hottest years on record have all come in the last 15. Heat waves, droughts, wildfires, floods, all are now more frequent and more intense.

      We can choose to believe that Superstorm Sandy, and the most severe drought in decades, and the worst wildfires some states have ever seen were all just a freak coincidence. Or we can choose to believe in the overwhelming judgment of science and act before it's too late.

    • Obama also thinks god gave us the Earth. He is using his religious zealotry to determine gov't policy. He is a loon that thinks god has ordered him to stop global warming (which may not even be happening). We need objective people in office....not crazy religious nuts.

      "That is how we will preserve our planet, commanded to our care by God. That's what will lend meaning to the creed our fathers once declared."

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