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  • stvbba stvbba Feb 14, 2013 3:51 PM Flag

    This is no soft landing

    This goes to show you how deluded you are Uncle.
    This is not a soft landing we are experiencing. Obama and the Democrats have done an excellent job of hiding the truth from the masses of low information people like yourself who base their information on what Obama and Democratic leaders tell you. Your truth is what THEY decide the truth should be for you.

    For instance you think that unemployment is at 7.9%. But the real rate is using the U6 is 14.4% which has not budged in the last 3 months. And under the U7 unemployment statistic it has soared to around 17%. That is 27 million Americans not working or under employed. 27 million people is not a soft landing by any measure.

    In Obama’s speech he claimed his Administration had created 6 million jobs. Basically true but he is cherry picking. Those 6 million he is talking about came from the low point of employment in 2010 to present. There are still over 3.2 million jobs that have not been recovered. Over 8 million jobs are gone forever. And if you dig into the quality of jobs created you will find most are contract or temporary and most are at salary levels well below what was seen before the recession. That is not a soft landing. An economy cannot recover with this kind of job creation.
    The level of economic growth has been anemic at best over the last 4 years. We finished off 2012 with negative growth. The prediction is for 3.5% growth this year but the estimates I see from more informed and honest analyst is that we will be lucky to see 2% and some are predicting (including myself) a recession later on this year, if we are not already in one.

    Delude yourself if you want but economic conditions in the U.S. are weak and deteriorating. All the indications are there you just refuse to see them.

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