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  • maiturr maiturr Feb 26, 2013 3:14 PM Flag

    Sequester will hit Friday......nothing will happen......and no one will notice

    This is what Obama/LIbs/Dems really fear......being viewed as the panic-filled leftist kooks they are........

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    • It's hard to know where to begin with you. You're the same guy who would argue that increasing taxes would put a drag on the economy by reducing private spending. But somehow reducing federal spending by a similar amount is supposed to have no impact. Well, I have news for you: a dollar is a dollar is a dollar, no matter who is spending it. If the feds cut spending by 20% the macro-economic effect is exactly the same as if we had a sudden sharp recession. And it is not at all clear that these spending cuts will translate into federal budget surpluses. The input side of the federal budget is federal tax revenues. A recession, which is what the sequester makes almost inevitable, will sharply reduce federal revenues and we may find ourselves in the position of those European countries who put "austerity" measures in place in an effort to balance their budgets, only to see those budget deficits balloon as a result of sharply reduced tax revenues.

      Face it, the sequester is not a policy, it is a mechanism adopted by irresponsible people to force themselves to be responsible. Congress is roughly equivalent to a drunkard who locks up all his food along with all his whiskey in an effort to stop drinking. The result is that he's sober and starving instead of drunk and fed.

    • I think the civilian contractors who are out of a job will notice.

      The federal government spends more than $500 billion a year—- or roughly 14 percent of the federal budget —- on private-sector contractors, and an estimated 7.5 million people are employed through government contracts.

      Hundred of thousands of workers face being let go after Friday in order to reach reductions in defense by $500 billion and nondefense by $700 billion to reduce the deficit this year and over the next decade by at least $1.2 trillion.

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    • Wasn't it the neo-cons and #$%$ who were screaming about the negative impact on the Defense Dept and how our national defense was going to be compromised.. Seems to me that that translates into "someone noticing"! Were they liars or, by changing position, are the neo-cons going to charge the Administration with staging problems if "someone notices".

    • Looks like Prez Soetora/Dems cried wolf one too many times

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