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  • w.heinlein w.heinlein Apr 16, 2013 1:45 PM Flag

    In case you were wondering, it's still getting warmer out there

    On April 14, the journal Nature Geoscience published the results of a new study of Antarctic land ice melt. Here is the abstract:
    "Over the past 50 years, warming of the Antarctic Peninsula has been accompanied by accelerating glacier mass loss and the retreat and collapse of ice shelves. A key driver of ice loss is summer melting; however, it is not usually possible to specifically reconstruct the summer conditions that are critical for determining ice melt in Antarctic. Here we reconstruct changes in ice-melt intensity and mean temperature on the northern Antarctic Peninsula since AD 1000 based on the identification of visible melt layers in the James Ross Island ice core and local mean annual temperature estimates from the deuterium content of the ice. During the past millennium, the coolest conditions and lowest melt occurred from about AD 1410 to 1460, when mean temperature was 1.6 °C lower than that of 1981–2000. Since the late 1400s, there has been a nearly tenfold increase in melt intensity from 0.5 to 4.9%. The warming has occurred in progressive phases since about AD 1460, but intensification of melt is nonlinear, and has largely occurred since the mid-twentieth century. Summer melting is now at a level that is unprecedented over the past 1,000 years. We conclude that ice on the Antarctic Peninsula is now particularly susceptible to rapid increases in melting and loss in response to relatively small increases in mean temperature."
    The newly documented melt rate exceeds the worst-case scenarios of consensus climate models and implies a sea level rise of one foot by 2050.

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    • Hi, "W", I just got back from a month-long trip to FLorida. It was COLD down there over Spring Break. The only place the girls wore their little bikinis was inside the Yacht Club next to the fire place. Everybody was buttoned up in heavy clothing on the beach. We had FROST on several days. The guys who went over to Sarasota to watch Spring Baseball froze too. It doesn't look like Mr. Global Worming is cooperating with the climate-change hysterions this year!

      • 2 Replies to langosta_fla
      • Hi Lan,

        Great to know you are still around.

        I'm sorry you were freezing your tootsies in formerly toasty Florida but weird weather is going to be more and more the rule going forward.

        Alas, as much as I like you--and you know I do--you and I are never going to agree about climate change. So what-- there's more to life than CO2 emissions! I assume you are back in Michigan where it will shortly be 98 degrees in the shade....


      • How do I get in on this Federal Flood Insurance stuff?

        Seems that with three navigible rivers (four if you count the Kentucky as far as Frankfort) we ought to be scoring off the educated productive part of the country every bit as hard as we do with Food Stamps ( 20 Percent) and SSI Disability, (12 percent?)

        We can still badmouth "big gubmint" right after we get the big check, right?

    • What is it about scientific data on climate change that brings out the crazies? Do they think we don't know that the earth has long-term climate cycles? Do they think that scientists are just making up the changes in arctic ice melt rates? Do they think that we can't measure the volume of land ice in Antarctica and Greenland and convert it into sea water volumes? Do they think we don't know that when the earth was warmer, the oceans covered large parts of what are now the continental coasts? Do they think we don't appreciate the world's need for energy and the benefits of economic growth in relieving poverty and suffering? More generally, do they think at all? From the evidence on this board, I would have to conclude the answer is "No."

    • If it was up to you climate #$%$, we would still be in the Ice Age. Personally, I am glad that the earth warmed up a bit. LOL

    • keep drinking and regurgitating the Kool-Aid...less and less are listening to the bs.

    • LOL! Warming/cooling of planet mother earth has occurred in cycles over the past few BILLION years.....go away, already.....most people know AGW is a

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Global climate change stops right in its tracks every time an ignorant rube who voted for the Bush Disaster sees or hears about a snowflake anywhere.......

    • Hey libbers?

      We believe in sucking the educated productive part of the country bone dry before we sign on for any of that there climate change stuff, but just in case?

      Well I heard that South Carolina will go underwater first?

      Any truth to that?

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