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  • billyliar66 billyliar66 May 6, 2013 5:54 PM Flag

    Lt. Col Jeffrey Krusinski Air Force Sexual Assault Officer Arrested for.....

    Sexual Assault!

    At the risk of offending, as this nimrod comes out of the US Airforce Academy, a known bastion of Christian Bigotry, wanna bet he's a Bible thumper and Republican?

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    • Colorado Springs (home of the Air Force Academy,) is also the home of Ted Haggard. Biggest fake Christian ever, caught smoking meth with a male prostitute on the church's dime while the head of the 25 MILLION MEMBER Union of Evangelical Churches. These people are rotten to the core.

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      • A true conservative Paradise, Co Springs can't even afford streetlights any longer. Nor libraries, community centers, public swimming pools, etc!

        Not after bending over and spreading their neoCONNED asscheeks wide open for every tinhorn real estate developer west of the Mississippi. Turns out that free rides for hit-and-run shyster developers pays off about as well as tax cuts for gazillionaires over the long haul.

        Homeless people living up and down Fountain Creek these last three years now and nobody left on the local police forces to run them off. Rush probably spews in his pants just thinking about it! More retired military there than any place in the country but for San Antonio and they still manage to screw up that badly.

    • It gets better: the women allegedly assaulted fought Lt. Col. off, and then called police.

      Wow! A big time loser and potential sex offender!

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      • He is right up there with your Muslim buddies who rape boys, beat and demean women and blow people up. You claim to be an atheist yet you only go after one religion. When it came to Mormons you would only attack Romney but not Reid. When Obama pretends to believe in Christianity you call it brilliant that he lies. You really should shut your trap in regards to religion given how biased you are. You must have been smacked around by a 90 year old nun when you were in reform school.

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