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  • sstail94 sstail94 Jun 12, 2013 9:05 AM Flag

    Ain't it amazing


    Fun Fact Of The Day: U.S. Spends 5X More On Food Stamps Than Job Training For Veterans…
    764 Billion for food stamps
    149 Billion for Veterans

    If vets started voting for Dems in droves the money would be rolling in.

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    • Stop your whining and get a job! Dam #$%$

    • Thank our government for giving money to the inner city folk to sit on their butts all day instead of even trying to work. Also for giving money and mo money for every kid they have.
      What a joke.
      Hope and Change is alive and well if your are a low life.

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      • Hate to interfere with y'alls fun with urban legend as opposed to fact but here goes:
        36% of food stamp recipients are white, 22% black, and 10% Hispanic, the balance are Asian/Native American/other. 47% are children under 18, 8% 60 and older, 41% live in households with earnings from a job, 7.5% of our rural population is dependent upon food stamps for nutrition, 4.8% of our urban population depends on food stamps. Those inner city, malt drinking, child producing, unemployed louts are a small minority of food stamp recipients.

    • They should be issuing Malt Liquor Stamp so's the unemployed can keep up their consumption of COLT 45 and OLDE ENGLISH 800.

    • Our veterans should have the job training required to be able to transition of civilian life and continue to make a value contribution to our country. There is no argument there. We do need to find some way to ensure that sufficient job training to meet their needs.
      Do you know what the per capita allotment of food stamps is vs the per capita spend on job training for our veterans? Since you appear to believe that some of the food stamp monies would be better spent on job training, we need to know exactly how many children (the majority of food stamp recipients are children) we need to let go hungry to provide the necessary funding. It is an unfortunate way to go to solve the problem, but I know you would not support increased taxes or raising the debt. We need to be careful though because most of those veterans who are and/or will be the most in need of job training have spouses and children who are receiving those food stamps.

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      • The Post 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008 (Post-9/11 G.I. bill, passed by Congress then signed by the President on June 30, 2008) provides the following benefits for veteran-

        - Four academic years (36 months) of educational tuition benefits for veterans with at least 90 days of active service.
        - A monthly living stipend based on housing costs of a service member of pay grade E-5 with dependents,
        - A benefit eligibility period of 15 years after leaving active duty.
        - International education programs outside the US are eligible.
        - An annual stipend to cover other education costs (e.g., books, supplies, fees) of up to $1,000.
        - Up to $2,000 towards one-time licensing or certification test,

        There is a G.I. bill that provides education and training for today's GI's.

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    • springs,

      That is the situation and reality. What's your solution instead of beaching all the time.

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