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  • sterlingchap sterlingchap Jun 30, 2013 5:18 AM Flag

    London Calling

    Latest quip over this side of the Pond:-
    "Good Morning USA"
    "Good Morning United Stasi Of America".

    Anit-SS momentum certainly building fast over here. UK looking SOLIDLY "roped in" to it too, as a known USA lapdog.
    Looks like ultimately, UK will have to choose its bedfellows publicly:
    Part of Europe or the 51st State of Stasi ?????
    We could even be thrown out of the EU for Treason, they say.
    At least that will remove the question "wouldn't we be better off out of the EU"?

    Lots of diplomatic strife, and more lies ahead. These revelations are continuing and won't go away just because the Stasi wish them to go away.
    The whole World now knows about the US analog of single-track railways where full trains only go in one direction.
    It's getting VERY uncomfortable with the propaganda responses to its questions.
    Look at today in Cairo. It's People !!know!! that THEY hold the real Power in their Country.
    Their President believes that he can RULE them instead of SERVING them.
    (Elected, just like yours!)
    BOTH are due a rude awakening......

    How is the Dark Empire this morning?


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    • I've been saying for years that the U.S. should buy the U.K. My family is still trying to get back our title to Lancaster Castle (pronounced LANK-a-ster CASel for you Yankee Doodlers) which we lost to the Plantagenets during the War of the Roses.

    • Euro Tweet:-
      "I hear that some of my fellow Europeans thought the US was one of our allies. Really? The stuff pl make up amazes me"
      Rude awakenings.......

    • Anonymous Tweets:-
      "Snowden wasn't the first. More importantly, he is unlikely to be the last. We cook your meals, we connect your calls. Do not $%e£ with us"

      Big Brother is massively !!outnumbered!!.
      His Authority is being challenged.
      He is collecting IP addresses and all comms metadata of those who know/realise this.

      Just a metter of time before he tries to intitiate his "Night of the Long Knives" and tries to ELIMINATE all opposition.

      Opposition members have totally infiltrated every part of his Empire. Waiting to "spill the beans" progressively.

      Be WARY of labelling yourself a solid BB sycophant.
      The Opposition already knows of the dregs such as Springy.
      But it expects better of "rational America".
      The time to stand up and be counted will soon occur.
      Make sure you understand where your ultimate Loyalties lie.


    • Don't let it get you down, Americans.
      If the worst happens, there's PLENTY of room here in Room 101 for you.
      All of your worries will evaporate.
      Big Brother will care for you.
      Big Brother knows best.
      Lean on Him.
      Everything will be alright....

      Citizen Smith
      Room 101

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