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  • billyliar66 billyliar66 Sep 6, 2013 3:40 PM Flag

    Welfare Cheats: The Solution

    Why don't we increase funding for welfare and food stamp audits? I don't see cutting the programs off completely, just because there are cheaters.

    I don't see Las Vegas closing casinos because someone is counting cards, and getting away with it.

    We should also look, with equal vigor, at corporate welfare: oil subsidies, energy dept research to benefit coal, nuclear, military give-aways, make-work jobs for battle tank suppliers, hundreds of billions for jets and guns the Pentagon doesn't want.

    I'm with you on this ending welfare cheats, 100%.

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    • Hey billy and jok better yet why dont you just get a job!

    • It is Sunday at noon in California, I’ll take my family to a nice Sushi Bar. I am thinking of some sashimi of buri, hamachi and salmon, California rolls, grilled oysters, fresh fruit, …. This is not cheap, but it is fun and enjoyable. Not many “conservatives” visit the place, and not many “welfare cheats” as well.

    • Again, the point is having cheaters shouldn't negate the idea assistance to the needy.

      The GOP constantly harps that because someone is stealing, we should stop all welfare.

    • Welfare cheats are social deviants, in fact criminals. Lying is the way to support cheating. With a little careful examination a case of legitimate need or cheating could be established. Google could help.

      We can't abandon the social net just because of fear of abuse. That would be like not driving because of the fear of an accident. Absurd!

    • billy,

      Smoke screens as you have pointed out.

      And the only reason the Walmart associates and McDonald burger flippers are working instead of starving in the street is subsidies from the welfare programs, from food stamps and section 8 to Medicaid and annual tax credit from IRS. Try to raise a family at $10 an hour. The $20K annual pay check before FICA and sales taxes won't be sufficient for a few days spent in ICU.

      Those mutinationals have put the social safety net costs on the Middle Class tax payers while the hedge fund billionaires are still paying at a rate less than their secretaries.

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      • Unc's right on this one. If we want people to get off welfare we have to make work pay. Raise the minimum wage to $15.

        We are also going to have to make the government the employer of last result, like FDR did during the Great Depression. Get the chronic unemployed (single moms, bums, druggies, and gang bangers) into HUMANE work camps where they can do some REAL work of community value like picking up garbage, sweeping the streets, and so on.

        After we do those things, then ELIMINATE all the Liberal welfare cr@@p. But before we eliminate it we have to make sure that there IS work for everybody and that the work pays a fair wage. Libs and Conservos have a lot to learn on this point. Libs want to provide an overabundance of welfare, while Conservos want to provide an under-abundance of opportunities to work. The two sides need to meet somewhere in the middle: "You don't work, you don't eat, BUT we're going to make sure that everybody has an opportunity to work."

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