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  • poltava_v poltava_v Oct 10, 2013 9:27 AM Flag


    Reports out today that is what the ACA exchanges have cost and at this point they still don't work properly. Leave it to the bettyuncs to spend so much on failure.

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    • It still does not work and the hacks refuse to tell us how many have signed up. Complete failure from the bettyuncs. Anything they touch delivers a new definition of ineptitude.

    • You are grasping at straws. Do you actually think here, on earth, in 2013, a billion dollar effort, can't get the web site optimized? Really? You think that software bugs means the ACA policy if flawed?

      I thought you were somewhat intelligent. You're proving me wrong.

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      • Yeah Betty we do, because the proof is right in front of us.

      • Billy you are such an idiot. It didn't cost that much money to put EBAY, and Amazon together and each one of those receive far more hits on their site each day WITHOUT INCIDENT like we see with the AC A release. With that kind of budget ACA should have rolled out almost perfect. There is no excuse for such a mess with the money and time spent to get it going (?). Spring is right and many other people wonder if they even bothered to QA it or even test it before release. Factor number 2 is they should never have released it all at once but implemented it over time. But foolish Obama and the Dems just had to get it out there asap. 3 years and $630 million plus and how many more 10s of millions to fix it in the future. At least that Dufus Obama finally admitted today it was a mess and promises to clean it up You liberals are your own worst enemy but thankfully for you there many millions of other stupid Americans like you who fail to see it or are even less intelligent than you are.

    • I wonder out of that $634 million if they even bothered to hire a QA person. What are the odds most of that money went through the contract company back into donations to members of the chosen cult?

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      • I've project-managed about a million of these complex systems in my career. The cost would be:

        Small company implementation: $63,400. Buy an off the shelf "company store" from Yahoo or Google and customize the Interface to make it look like a health insurance application. Total time to implemenation: 90 days.

        Medium size company implementation: $634,000. Hire a couple developers and develop it from scratch in house. Time to implemenation: one year.

        Big company implementation: $6,340,000: Hire a third-party consulting firm that bills by the hour. Implementation time : two years.

        Fortune 500 company: Find another company to buy that has developed vaguely similar software. Pay $63,400,000. Implementation time: three years.

        Government: Pay $634,000,000. Implementation indefinite.

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