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  • poltava_v poltava_v Oct 25, 2013 10:17 AM Flag

    How did your state fare?

    Google - enrollment-in-obamacare-exchanges-how-will-your-health-insurance-fare

    A study from that dreaded Heritage Foundation.

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    • polta, Exactly as intended by ACA, that is the poor gets subsidy and those with means or platinum HC plans are going to be taxed after decades of gaming the HC system.

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      •'s the middle class who will bear the burden. You are a pathetic self loathing 1%er unc.

      • Uncle,
        Where have you been... in a hole hiding? High on drugs? The people receiving these platinum HC plans are hard working people who pay the full freight of thier healthcare with their hard work. Why would you fault someone who makes a good living the right to spend the money they earned, usually working their butts off and making the sacrifices needed to get these good jobs, so they can have a better life? How are they gamming the system? You want to see gamming just look at all the incidents we read a out and hear about in the news of so-called poor people taking undue advantage of the system, Most recently many of these so-called poor people went on spending binges when the food Stamp system spending limits were removed. Honest decent people would not have gamed the system and taken advantage of this.
        A study by the CATO Institute published in August of this year, found that some welfare recipients make more “income” than those in the private sector.
        A mother with two children in New York, for instance, is able to collect $38,004 per year in welfare handouts. This is greater than the starting salary of a teacher in the state.
        I can recite to you incident after incident of people taking undue and sometimes illegal advantage (gamming) of the welfare and support systems we have for the poor and needy and I can tell you I don’t see masses of well-to-do people doing it. Just the poor. Who is gamming the system? You must live in a vacuum, be an uninformed low information voter, or you are just an out right liar.

      • LMAO - wrong - The ACA was supposed to lower costs for all. Obama made that statement the CENTERPIECE of his campaign for the ACA. I qoute. Obama’s claim in 2008 that his administration would lower premiums “by up to $2,500 for a typical family per year.”

        And it was supposed to eliminate us all from paying extra insurance costs to "cover" the uninsured. Another Lie.

        Lets go back to the old system. Where my rates were lower, I wasn't paying additional taxes, and the uninsured still received care - as you say - at emergency rooms and clinics our insurance already paid for. It was far cheaper than the ACA.

        The Government can't even manage a web site, let alone manage health care for millions. Every single selling point for this abomination has proved to be a blatant lie.

        The ACA isn't working at all let alone as intended. Try backing that statement up with some FACTS - oh thats right - you can't. You didn't read the Bill. And those of us who told you it would never work as sold are absolutely correct.

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