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  • rahtexas12 rahtexas12 Dec 9, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

    PMSNBC is a comedy station now. It makes everyone laugh.

    Melissa Perry Harris of MSNBC fame (yes, I know, 99.9% of us have not heard of her) has entertained us again with an Obamacare diatribe. Now it is all about race since ObamaCare has turned into the disaster conservatives knew it would be. They, liberals and Democrats, no longer want to call it Obamacare, it's now the Affordable Care Act as they try distance themselves and Obama from his namesake. Oh how funny, and we knew they would eventually try to pull the race card as the last resort as the always do as the last resort. This woman is just funny and transparent as all the MSNBC people are. I couldn’t help but laugh and be disgusted at it. The only problem with the name Affordable Care Act is that it isn’t proving to be affordable for anyone. I suppose they are now ashamed and embarrassed of it as they realize just how bad it is. Look for them to keep trying to blame it on everyone else, to no avail. They were so confident that it would be wonderful as Obama bragged about ACA being named after him. Obama promised it would be wonderful and easy, and the Dems and libs took full and exclusive credit for this disaster. Now they own it around their necks like the titanic boat anchor it is. Socialism never works and will never work. Another socialist failure and proof of its failure is Obamacare.

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