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  • olio olio Feb 9, 1998 10:07 AM Flag

    IBM Takeover.

    I was just talking to a friend who works for H-P.

    He said if IBM offered $90 he take about 2 nanoseconds to call his broker and another 2 nanoseconds to get to the elevator.

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    • Hp has now expressed serious intentions to go after IBM mainframe type business with fault resilient computers based on
      license designs from texas micro fulcrum product for unix(yahoo news 2-9). Where will business come from? Possible answer is the
      older computer systems and their owners interested in moving to modern open platforms which could then be incorporated into Ionay
      type middleware worldwide systems. ( Makes them more attraactive to possible partners.). Unisys with their computer consultants
      and established business of y2k, etc. migration experts could be a major card for HP sales. DEC-COMPQ already announced such an
      arrangement with ACLY today to make 20 Change factories(the obvious intent to gain their business for migration upgrades). Also, if HP
      were able to lock up the NT fault resilient licenses from texm, they would also add to an enviable advantage in the Enterprise
      arena. Hope they listen to the vibes.

    • As much information as I can get for now, the anwser is no.

    • Get a clue. HP has doubles and split twice in the last 5 years.

      Stock at 65 now likely to aplit at 110. So why sell out for only 25$ per share one time profit???

      The company has legs. Here's hoping your friend leaves sooner than later.

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