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  • georgeisgordon georgeisgordon Apr 25, 1998 12:25 AM Flag

    Don't Worry, Be Happy

    Well, I guess it happened, didn't it?

    Institutions in big time, no other way to explain 14M in volume.
    I think that "they" cycle their money in and out of the stocks
    that they pick to run up, a self fulfilling prophecy. They much
    later pull out gradually, so "we" don't notice. Kind of like a
    pump - fast pump cycle, slow release. As long as "we" mimic,
    why not smile?

    What's behind this today? Beats me. There are effects in the
    background to be considered:

    * Packard Foundation with $9B in HWP. Have they been slowly
    selling these last months and now quit - and "they" know it?

    * A bit of suspicious buys yesterday late, looked like someone
    was loading up, at least I thought so at the time. Then today.
    Did "someone" know yesterday?

    * Why didn't the rat pack of analysts jump in with Prudential
    today, and why did a single Hold->Buy cause such a ruckus?

    * Was runup just a herd instinct as "they" sold the Dow and
    NASDAQ and needed to park their cash in equities?

    Just raising these thoughts, beats me. But I'm suspicious that
    today wasn't just a good day...

    PS: Burying the cash in the lower pasture sure beats heifer
    heat, anyday.

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