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    Whither HP stock price?

    The Dow back over 9000 and up about 400points
    from its low of 3 weeks ago, butHP down to within
    about 3 points of its52-week low. And, down a shocking
    30.4% from its recent May highs. Ouch!!!What"s going
    on? In my msg. 2194 I stated that I felt HP would
    have one moredisappointing quarter (ends July). But
    Idid feel that the price would rise asearnings
    announcement day approached inmid-August. This would follow
    the recentpattern of the past 2 years when investors,
    even though being disappointedmost of these quarters,
    were willing togive HP the benefit of the doubt and
    bidthe price up hoping for a good earningsnumber.
    But..... Has sentiment changedfollowing the latest
    disappointment inMay? Even though HP earnings fell justa few
    cents short again then, thereaction was especially
    severe. - Thestock was spanked for 12 points the dayafter
    the "pre-announcement". This wasmuch worse than
    usual. Did this mark aturnaround in sentiment from
    wishfuloptimism to "we won"t be fooled again"?If it did, we may
    not get the usualstock price rise prior to the
    Julyearnings release. I'm still hopeful forthe October
    quarter, but I'm hedging alittle by writing calls against
    some ofmy recent purchases. But I do feel weare close
    to the bottom just a littlebit lower at about 55. HP
    shares areselling for only 1.2 times estimated1998 sales
    for Pete's sake! Compare thisto other techs. Other
    views? Happy toread them, especially if you

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