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  • DOUGHSD DOUGHSD Jul 7, 1998 11:40 PM Flag

    Motorola Vs. HP

    I just checked Motorola




    Today Motorola announces a profit vs. and expected
    loss, and the stock goes up. HP announced a profit less
    than expected and the stock ultimately goes down. I
    know stock price has nothing to do with logic, but am
    I missing something here? Isn't HP the healthier
    company? Motorola's chip business is not that great. They
    are being clobbered in cell phones by Ericsson and
    What's up?

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    • It's been awhile!

      Question. LED market.
      Any revenue flow or just a cool thing?
      I have
      heard a bit through various internal channels, do
      have any upclose and personal knowledge?

      here or SI if so.

      Thanks in advance

      ez factory puke

    • HWP is a stock to accumulate right now, but below
      the 57-60 range (OK, if the whole market jumps 500
      points, buy it at 65 -- but sell it quick 'cause the
      whole market is coming back down 1,000). Of course, if
      you're long GTW, stay that way. It's going up whether or
      not anyone buys it.

    • >> I believe we are beginning to do the
      things neccessary to combine innovation with execution

      Let's hope so.

      Otherwise, in terms
      of stock price, the second-raters like LXK and the
      "one-tune mikies" like DELL will continue to make HWP look
      like a sick joke on their "long term

      All the 'feel-good' hopefullness about "reasonable
      valuation" and "safety" don't make up for the opportunity
      cost of missing some of the biggest stock-market gains
      of the century... HWP is still at where it was a
      year ago. LXK up 60% YTD, DELL up more than 100%

      Safe against fall ? IF you bought DELL a year ago
      January, then you could take a 75% share-price loss and
      STILL be up a factor of 3 on your investment.

      You don't really buy stocks for safety. You buy them
      for long-term relative outperformance. Since '96, HWP
      has failed to continue to 'outperform' and this
      extended period of 'trading ranges' might be good for
      'traders' and 'surfers', but it has been hell on those of
      us 'loyal' (stupid ?) enough to just hold and wait.
      If I merely wanted to "not lose my money in a
      correction", I could put it in the bank. So "Safety" is not
      such an important issue going forward. {See discussion
      above about what it would mean if DELL went down 75% to
      P/E less than HWP. Compare to what HWP has done for
      you "lately"}.

      PS: there are plenty of
      smart, innovative, diversified companies out there...
      does the name GE ring a bell. Difference is they meet
      and exceed their expectations. And when they expand,
      they expand into higher-margin or higher-return
      businesses. HWP has to look hard at it's business model, esp
      regarding PC box making.

    • With respect

      I have to agree with Joseph M
      to an extent. Having the neatest,
      coolest stuff
      in the world doesn't guarantee success, or
      respect for that matter. Dell, Msft etc. may not be
      but you have to respect their execution.

      build (IMHO) the best printer for dollar spent in the
      The marketing for this product is at best, weak. This
      lack of
      aggressiveness accounts for Epson, Canon
      and LXK to still be
      players. Sometimes HP's "
      terminal niceness " does constrain
      our success. Having
      said this, I believe we are beginning to
      do the
      things neccessary to combine innovation with

      Always ez

    • Guru,

      We are not comparing drug dealers to
      brain surgeons. That is the silliest analogy, I have
      heard to date. We are comparing two technology stocks.

      When it comes to stocks, the P/E ratio is a good
      measurement of investors confidence of a company present and
      future standing. Dell's P/E is several times that of HP.
      Your contention that Dell gets no respect is
      laughable. Not to say that HP is not respectable. I have a
      tremendous amount of respect for HP. However, its stock has
      not perfomed very well this year.

    • You do not get respect just by making lots of
      money by hook or by crook. It is not just how much you
      make, it is how you make it.
      A drug dealer makes say
      ten million dollars a year and a brain surgeon makes
      2 million dollars a year-- who do you think
      will respect? Univesally people respect brain
      power--because brain power is in short supply. There is no
      shortage of money
      in this country! Any body can make
      lots of money if he really
      tries. But brain power
      and creativity can not be acquired just by
      Creativity is a rare commodity. That is why people respect
      those who has creativity and talent. HP has more
      creativity than DELL and that is why HP gets more respect in
      world stage than Dell. Few other companies
      that get respect

    • If Dell gets no respect, then why did it break
      its 1-year high today and HP is near its 1 year

      I use to own HP but I have made more money with
      Dell in a couple weeks than 5 months with HP.

    • Why would HP anounce today it's partnership with
      Circuit City
      to sell built to order Pavillions if it
      was going to buy the
      GTW distribution
      model/channel? I wish it were true too, but I don't feel it is.
      I do not like CC as the distributor of choice but
      that is probably where HP could make the best deal.

    • The rumor is for IBM to buy GTW !!
      Go to and see for yourself.
      By the way DELL will never be beat!!!!
      GEAUXDELL !!!

    • from the slides presented at the semi-annual
      meeting between HP and Analysts to go over the companie's
      financials. This information is available on the internal web
      or possibly through news services.

      Also, HP
      does best with innovations, going into the PC market
      the way they did has hurt the bottom line. HP needs
      to find a new breakthrough product that will provide
      high margins instead of expanding into low margin
      businesses. or they will end up like tektronix when the
      margins started dropping on oscilloscopes a couple of
      decades ago. The danger is very real. I am betting that
      HP pulls it off.


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