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  • berockedagain berockedagain Nov 2, 1999 2:25 PM Flag

    Agilent IPO coming up

    "A" for every 1 share of HWP you own on May 1st,
    2000 as I understand it. The balance of the .62 shares
    would be HWP. The only way you can get "A" shares prior
    to May 1, 2000 would be if you were to buy shares of
    "A" on your own or at IPO price if you are lucky. If
    anybody has information otherwise, please post.

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    • Didihala's question was what do HWP shareholders
      get when Agilent goes IPO and the answer is -
      nothing. Of course, HWP shareholders are free to try to
      buy IPO shares just like anyone else, but they have
      no special privileges.

      Can't comment on what
      will happen on the distribution date, but I didn't
      think that was the question. Just wanted to clarify and
      make sure no one out there thought they were getting
      anything on the IPO date just for being a current HWP

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      • have done well with spin-offs. In fact, the only
        stock that has done well for me this year (real well)
        is VoiceStream (VSTR) which was a spin-off from
        Southern Bell. It went IPO at $22 and I was able to scoop
        it up (April I think) at less than IPO price (paid
        $19.25). Now trading close to $100.00. All the other
        stocks I have played with this year have gotten crushed
        - mostly internets. Theoretically, "A" should do
        well, especially in lieu of its diversification in life
        sciences, measurement, telecoms, internet, etc. "A" can
        pretty much concentrate where ever it wants. "A"'s
        management is saying the "A" stands for more than just
        Agilent - Accountability. I'm giving the ranks one year
        to put there money where their mouth is - otherwise
        - I'm outta here. Got 1000 shares allocated via a
        Dean-Whitter connection. Good luck!

    • By the way, what's your source on the .38/.62 mix and the date you mention? I've seen no such info published.

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