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  • cfhw1 cfhw1 Mar 3, 2007 12:06 AM Flag

    Not like Pac Sun

    Zumiez is not like Pac Sun at all. Both of my teens shop at Zumiez everytime they go to the mall. Zumiez is more real, more crowded, it has the ambience of a teenaged bedroom not a fashion store. My son always goes there because he can get bearings or shoe goo or wheels while buying clothes or shoes. My daughter started going to Zumiez because the boys who shop there were of interest to her then she started buying the girls clothes. Roxy is one of the few junior clothes makers that make clothes girls can move in and she is active. I have seen some Roxy at JWN and Macy's but they are overwhelmed by cheap fashion that is not comfortable so it is easier to buy it at Zumiez and of course she is drawn to the boy scenery. The sales people are the most professional I have seen outside of Nordstrom even though they have strange hair and piercings. I think Zumiez no BS attitude can take this store very far.

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    • Zummies is successfull and there is no denying it. However i will stand by my statement that a locally owned skate shop that is well established, will appeal to the masses. yes i admit that not every area has a locally owned skate shop for skate and snow junkies to shop at, and that in these areas Zumies will make bank. I live in utah, and in utah zummies and no other mall rat skate board shop can compete with locally owned places like Milosports, Saltypeaks, the decade, and union.

    • My wife and I think TC is truly gifted. However-please be advised we do not know him through the business world and we do not discuss business during the infrequent times we get together. To us he is just Tom-one of the guys-but others have informed us of his business expertise-thus the previous post.


    • Mike...
      Thanks. Because I DON'T know Tom directly, but only once removed, and the things I have heard, married with my interest in what he has done/is doing...makes me all the happier to know a good man is at the helm and gaining from his success in staying true to what he started.

    • Thanks cfhw1

      Great points. ZUMZ will put PSUN out of business. There will be an almost perfect inverse relationship in their performance. On employees, ZUMZ believes in the youth, their passions and their development. It shows. They train their people extensively and reward them accordingly. Whether you have pink hair, a mohawk, rings everywhere...doesn't matter. They support the individuality of today's youth ideal like no one else.

      You know the company is a winner when your teenager not only wants to shop there, but work there. Just look at what they do for their employees. This is like the Superbowl for todays youth. Keep it going ZUMZ!,26719,1577256,00.html

    • When I was growing up and went to the mall with my mom, the only place I went was MC sporting goods or Brookstone. Why because it had cool stuff for a young kid to play with and it didn't feel like shopping. Mom always new where to find me and my friends as she shopped everywhere else. Zumiez is the go to spot now for kids.

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