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  • joltingjosephine joltingjosephine May 21, 2007 1:22 PM Flag

    Shorted 15 minutes ago...

    800 shares at 41.39, if it goes up by 3-4% I will cover, then wait to short again at higher price. Have to admit that todays price rise is surprising to me, but this stock is so overvalued, I could not resist. No way is this company going to grow at the rate that its valuation implies. Especially with a consumer spending slowdown that will be mind boggling, as more and more foreclosures and home equity loans turn sour, and gas prices rise towards 4 bucks. Not to mention that the Fed is hamstrung on interest rates, even though they would like to lower them.

    Well, that is my take, at least I will say exactly when I came in, we will see who comes out on top.

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    • Half hip hop, half rock/alt. Includes the aforementioned (retro) bands. Trust me, I'm 25, it is an eclectic group and they listen to many types of music. I am a big fan of the bands you mentioned, but hip/hop, rap need to be included. I snowboard with these guys, I talk with people in the culture all the time, usually pumping them for opinions on ZUMZ.


      On the other hand: Recent weakness in ZUMZ stock and poor tape action leads me to believe that there may be a better buying opportunity at a lower price, or if there is some renewed strength in the stock and the overall market, but I'm not holding my breath

    • 40s....mostly. 16-21 year old kids.

    • How old are these parents?

    • I think you're wrong, in part. I live in Carlsbad, CA - one block from one of Shawn White's houses, and across from where he surfs. The kids here are leading edge, and they, many times, play exactly the stuff their parents loved: Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Hendrix, etc...
      Don't seem to be into too much Hip-Hop or Alternative anymore. More retro.


    • Thanks, elite. I'm a bit surprised that rap is popular, too. I just couldn't imagine them putting on something from Jay-Z's line. But I'm totally out of touch, which is why I asked in the first place.

    • Music for the Zumiez youth is varied between urban(hip-hop, Rap) and Counter Culture (ALternative, rock, punk). Think anything that they believe their parents would hate. I'm sure they would NOT like anything with the word "POP" in it, but it basically is just a way of saying mainstream. They are young and most likely do not stray too far away from the more mainstream distribution channels for music (MTV, Radio), though the online(Myspace) movement is here and growing. Particular music groups become more difficult to name based on the wide range, but think "tough." Rap to Rock, and anything in between.

      As a side note. ZUMZ lets the employees choose the music to play in the stores. Try doing that at the GAP.


      Anymore Questions? Keep'em Coming

    • excellent post, elite. it seems i am holding the stock for pretty much the same reason as you. got attracted to it because of its appeal to a segment of youth culture which follows its own rules and is neglected by the adult media. looked at the numbers that were available, bought the stock, learned more about the company and found that management seems to rather efficient and prudent. I'll hold on to the stock for the time being.

      Q1 numbers are a lot better than they look at first sight IMHO. Details to follow soon.

      BTW, do you know if the skateboard and snowboard subculture is affiliated with any particular style or trend in pop music?

    • Excellent post elite!

    • well stated

    • ONLY grew 44%??!! - all companies should be so healthy

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