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    He mentioned RQI again on the last Cavuto. He also said that he's not much of a stock picker. I guess 2008-2009 got to him and he had a revelation; quite a few others did as well. I remember more than one guru pounding the table before the meltdown who was silent for months after (not particularly this stock, but others). I did get the chance to buy some of this at the $2-$3 range during that time. It's all context and time I suppose, isn't it?

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    • Ben Stein is a schmuck and that's all there is to it.

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      • True. I like Ben, but merely for entertainment purposes. He has sadly morphed into a talking head whore on the tv. And anything he says is only to keep you glued to said tv so you will watch the commercials. Yea, I remember before the crash when RQI was trading in the 16's, Ben was recommending it on Fox, and in less than a year it was trading in the very low single didgets. Fortunately I started accumulating after it tanked and have a average cost in the 5's. Glad I didn't listen to Ben then. Im sure there are sadly a lot of folks that lost a bundle maybe even life savings back then on his advice....

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