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  • magicmonkey123 magicmonkey123 Apr 26, 2011 6:56 PM Flag

    can RQI close above 10?

    If RQI could keep up the strength like a couple months ago, it should be above 10 already. Somebody is selling this fund heavily today (don't know why, anybody has an idea?). I just bought more 10k shares. I will not sell below $10 as long as REIT index can keep at this level.

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    • Don't know who but there is fierce resistance at 10. Here we are again at 9.98 as of this post - 3rd recent try to close over 10. Let's see if there is a big sell order right at 10.

      Good luck to both of us!

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      • RQI NAV is closed at $10.87 today. So even with 5% discount, this stock should at $10.30 level now. I am not sure who is so silly to sell at $9.80 to $10 range. Two days ago I saw REITs indexes were raising like crazy but RQI was pushed down to 9.8 at very heavy volume. I would not say RQI is undervalued but at this point it is not overvalued for sure. I think REIT indexes are rising a little too fast than I expected after a couple so called "good news". But if market is 100% correct, we can only follow.
        Today RQI 9.97 +0.06
        NAV Apr 28 10.87 +0.15 1.40%

12.2832+0.0332(+0.27%)10:47 AMEDT