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  • duckislandcove duckislandcove Jan 19, 2012 11:54 AM Flag

    RQI forecast

    I hope for all of us that my forecast remains on target....I was a couple weeks late in calling my target number back in October but my most recent prediction appears to be on target. Need to see if this fund breaks the 9.20 level with better than average volume which is about 260,000 shares daily and we will see this thing run up to the 10s quickly..the next target would be to break with higher volume the 10.50s level...after that it would be all clear to go up to the 12s before there is a correction back to the low 10s or high 9s..the REITS that this fund is invested in are already getting some increases in rents which will probably amount to increasing the dividend later this year or getting capital gains at the end of 2012...I hope the other person took my advice to buy when this thing was in the low 7s back in October 2011...he would then be sitting on nice capital gain while selling the other share he owned for a tax writeoff..

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