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  • slashnuts slashnuts Aug 15, 2013 9:47 AM Flag

    GERS Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against AMTX

    Aemetis joins PEIX in court. AMTX is a patent infringing scam, more to come...

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    • AMTX has successfully destroyed any remaining investor confidence.
      AMTX is burning millions on this lawsuit they can't win. Their lawyers look like fools with their failed arguments that they've now withdrawn.

      Mcafee's missteps have melted $20M off the market cap since this lawsuit began.
      Now GPRE, GERS' #1 largest customer purchased BIOF.
      As GPRE grows stronger, GERS grows as well. This allows GERS to continue to protect GPRE's competitive advantage over patent infringers like AMTX.

      2 bits is here folks, just like I predicted.
      Are you ready for the R/S?

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    • AMTX back peddling in court. Not a good first impression with the judge.
      Liability is growing as word comes out AMTX induced others to infringe.
      Motion for summary judgment has been filed. I expect an injunction against patent infringing AMTX by the end of the year.

      Strong Sell...

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    • AMTX down again. Still no word from AMTX. Will injunctions be granted before Mcafee even informs investors about how he's walked shareholders into a litigation buzz-saw?

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    • I see that GERS had a working-capital debt of about $40 million in June, 2013, and owes $26 million in debt to YA Global, all of which is due December 31, 2013, and has a stock price per share of $0.0013, and is seeking relief by suing several ethanol companies. Since this lawsuit was just filed yesterday, and lawsuits sometimes take years to settle, we can only wish GERS the best of luck in its various and numerous lawsuits against certain of the ethanol producers.

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      • In short, the court case is much further than you think. It could all be over by fall.

        Revenues up 50% in 3 months, cash surged 575% year over year. Cash is up 58% in 3 months. With the sale of Zeropoint, and increased production by GERS' licensed customers ANDE, GPRE, SXL, BIOF, MPC and Calgren of California, plus many more, GERS is growing stronger.

        No longer will companies like AMTX and PEIX steal their patented technology without reprimand.
        GERS owes YAGI $24 million, and they always refinance and extend the deadline. YAGI and GERS are old college buddies. Mark and Kevin. They always extend the deadline. GERS is turning into a cash cow.

        The lawsuit just filed has case precedent. The Marksman ruling, discovery, and so on has been going on for years. Since 2009 to be exact. GERS' is seeking an injunction against patent infringing AMTX. To facilitate this, a request for summary judgment against the other ethanol producers is currently under consideration by the judge.

        I believe the summary judgment will be ruled on in less than 60 days. If it's granted, an injunction will halt AMTX's illegal activity. At that point, AMTX will either cave and license GERS' patents, or blow money defending against a family of patents they can't beat.

        Keep in mind, the USPTO has fully considered everything the defendants threw out there. The USPTO reconfirmed the patents are valid. The judge interpreted the terms in GERS' favor.

        This lawsuit will get ugly, fast. I can promise you that. IMO, it will shred AMTX's PPS leaving it with a market cap a fraction of what it is today.

        Strong Sell....
        Good Luck To All!$!$!$!$!$!$

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