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  • vertrosaht vertrosaht Apr 7, 2011 11:42 AM Flag

    Just Listened to CC

    These managers were very very hushed mouth about Q1 developments. Although they are not under any legal duty to disseminate Q1 info, it is telling that if they didnt discuss any metrics for Q1, maybe they dont want us to know what said metrics are...Just as I previously observed, both these managers seem to act like they are only going through the motions, no enthusiasm, no passion, no excitement, my gut says they are really just trying to get up in the morning and only do what is required legally and if the boat floats fine if it sinks heck they have 25k per month for as long as the ship floats and in BK, they will have prior standing with respect to any employee benefits ...I just didnt sense in my gut that these managers even really like their jobs..they spoke directly from script and didnt seem the least bit interested in expressing any real words that would get me as a shareholder excited..well Time will certainly tell....I havent given up hope yet but again time will ultimately tell

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    • So what you are saying is, these guys, that are suppose to be in the marketing business, came off as less that enthused about the new acquisition, and didn't lay out any specific plans on how they are going to market their best asset.

      Something tells me this management is not up to the task, their creativity level is more well suited for a CPA firm and, if they fail, they fail, it seems like no big deal to them.

    • I agree with all you said, but like you said ALL SCRIPTED. It was suprising that with all of these people complaining on this MB that there were no other questions!