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  • get_hot_air_out get_hot_air_out Dec 18, 2007 12:36 AM Flag

    What Good Is The Dividend If The Stock Price Is Adjusted Down 1.10


    In the end you get nothing. Look at the last dividend. So you got the dividend and the stock is still down a ton. Smoke and mirrors:

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    • I listened to the CC. I don't think paying up to 80% of the 4th quarter divdend in stock is bad enough news to have brought the stock down to $2. The letter ruling was only for the 4th quarter. Hell, if they paid only 90 cents for 2008, that is a yield of 45% on the stocks price today.

      I used dividends to add to my JRT position today.

    • Guess I should reply to myself on this one...

      Upside surprise? Right!

    • Agreed with your expectation for a major dividend cut to retain cash.

      I was surprised the divy held up for this last round, and the $1.10 special dividend at the end of last year was a surprise too.

      JRT has a track record of surprising to the up-side, let's hope the trend continues.

    • You know the divy will be cut big time.

      If they can just stay in business is the goal.

    • Me neither.

      But you can say the same thing for just about everything else right now too.

      Divy is due next week.

    • I own NRO but currently have no position in JRT.

    • Guess what? Today is the six-month anniversary of this message. I ready every one of its posts, and you are definitely becoming more complacent with JRT's price. JRT came close to a new 52-week low in June, but the short squeezes resulting from Friday's announcement of the dividend kept the 52-week low in its place.

      What is your call now?

    • REITs like this usually trade at 2 to 2.5 times book. Right now with everything that is going on in the financial world they are trading either right at book or just below. Once everything calms down with mortgages and if commercial mortgages are not next, reinvesting the dividend now will be very profitable. That's why!

    • You are rather late into copper. I have been in it for over three years. Like the financials, I got in at the lower level and still hold one of the three coppers I bought. I made some on nto and alot on AUR which I bought at 6 and was taken over at 41. I held on to PCU due to the very nice dividend. During the ups and downs, I held. I still hold it long after the split. My 25/share average in what is now a 100 dollar stock and three years of really great dividends as well.

      The financials are beaten down. So I am buying into them. There is great risk, but the long term reward is great, as long as the ones you buy don't have a melt down in their ability to pay the dividends. Some errosion is to be expected, but the better ones will survive and the dividends on orginal investment will be high.

      Dividends always matter, as it gives you are return, even when the barbarians are at the gates battering down the stock. Cheers.

    • No you got the dividend in cash. The stock could have gone down anyway, but you still have the cash. If you believe in the long run this stock will not appreciate, why are you even here?

      We are paid to wait out the storm. If I felt the company would always be lower than today's price, I would sell and move on. I however, believe that in the long term JRT will recover and slowly appreciate in price, so we are paided to wait for that day. I don't invest in any stock that doesn't pay a reasonable dividend. With non dividend stocks the management gets all the gravy for itself, and you only make money when you sell the stock.

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