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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Aug 28, 2008 4:54 PM Flag

    Unless we see $10 a share soon

    Actually I smell your mother's stinky twat from it overusage accomodating the sixth fleet on a daily basis. You're the idiot if you're long on JRT. The bozos running the company have been misleading investors for nearly a year. A class action suit will surely get their attendtion.

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    • How exactly have they misled investors?

      The CEO is in the same boat you are, it is not like he dumped on the public.

      JRT equity is invested in bbb CMBS, spreads have widened to 2700 basis points over treasuries. Most people were not expecting that. (that means the yield on their paper is 33% at market, which is NOT GOOD).

      Defaults are now coming in some areas of the CMBS with substantial hits to debt holders. Either this company will ZERO in this storm or you will make out well in time.

      This is a problem inherent in the assets they have invested in, and not the fault of dishonest management. For the record, I warned about this on this very forum last fall.

      JRT is doing nothing dishonest or deserving of a class action.

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      • Untrue. The management has portrayed JRT as fiscally sound and continues to pay a dividend that supports that perspective. The fact is that they have had to borrow money to maintain solvency, and things have worsened on their investment front. Read management's remarks and statements during the last conference call and in recent weeks. Read what they have posted on their website. Recognize the recent downgrades. Them tell me they haven't mislead investors. A class acation is exactly what is in order. And unless our group sees a substnatial increase in the current share price, we'll move forward with our class action suit.

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