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  • rjs5 rjs5 Jan 26, 2009 4:45 PM Flag

    NYSE to delist JRT


    The NYSE relaxed the market cap minimum down to $15m through April 22nd. They have maintained the $1. share price though.

    It will also take awhile to get to through the delisting process. It does not happen at 30 days. The process is just initiated at 30 days.

    "The NYSE will still initiate delisting procedures for companies whose share price is below $1 for a month."

    I think there are still some shorts that have to buy shares and will bring the price up back above $1. Not 4m of them have bought dividend shares yet.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Great point about the shorts. I've been so involved with what Scottrade and some of the other brokers are going to do, that I forgot about our shorty friends. They will be paying dearly come Friday, at about .83 per share! That ought to be worth about a dime or so on the upside, don't you think?

    • rjs5 - How do shorts pay a dividend in stock. I assume for cash dividends, the holding broker takes their account equity. Do they do the same for stock divs, and buy stock? I'm confused as to how it actually works, vs. how people 'think' it should work.

      Thanks in advance.