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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Feb 14, 2009 9:50 PM Flag

    CRAP -- TIME TO SUE!!!

    It still will end up on the pink sheets because its market cap is below $25 million. If they went to the pink sheets OTC they stil could be traded. All this reverse split does is keep the folks at JRT employed longer so they can suck the company's resources dry and fuk the shareholders. This is why I'm finding an attorney to sue these bastards. I'd rather have him get the money than these thieves at JRT.

    If I was Mike McGinnis, the CFO, I'd be finding a lawyer real soon. When the SEC finishes its investigation, this bozo will be going to jail, along with the rest of the JRT management thieves.

    And now with Robert having brain surgery, the execs at his companies will run amuck stealing money from every corner of the businesses. It will be years before investors will ever see a penny after these guys steal all the goods.

    Watch and learn. It's guaranteed.

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    • All you are talking about is how the market is thinking about JRT. Your posts never touches the fundermentals of JRT: is it making or losing money.
      Market can be extremely rediculous, especially for a small company like JRT. If you sell Google for 1 cent a share (only 1 share), then google's maket value immediately dissappears.
      I think we have not heard major bad news so far. All we know is that the company is preserving money like other reits. But it is still giving 10 cents a share. That is very high compared with its peer right now.
      If you can't provide a link, then you are nothing but a basher, a short, who tried to convince people to sell so that you can benefit.

    • <It still will end up on the pink sheets because its market cap is below $25 million.>

      Fyi, The NYSE has lowered the market cap threshold to $15M until Summer:

      That gives JRT a couple earnings reports to demonstrate they will continue to be a viable entity. As I've said before, if they can continue to generate 30cents in quarterly REIT income 9 Pre R/S), they will eventually not have any problems meeting NYSE listing criteria I can assure you.

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