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  • livelovelaff Oct 26, 2008 9:22 AM Flag

    What a sad, pathetic fellow

    24-Oct-08 11:52 pm: Very late on a Friday night, longtimefollower logs on to question whether the market is overreacting in letting TUES shares drop to $1.75. So sad. If longtimefollower is married, he should have been spending some quality time with with his wife. If he isn't married, he should have been out looking for the future Mrs. Longtimefollower. Instead, he was stationed at his computer, dutifully defending the downtrodden TUES.

    25-Oct-08 03:55 pm: On a Saturday afternoon when most of the U.S. was enjoying a cool but pleasant fall afternoon, longtimefollower is once again pecking away at his computer's keyboard begging for "savvy institutions to scoop up these blatantly mispriced situations" presumably including TUES. Instead of being outside with his wife or sweetheart watching the leaves change colors and enjoying one last respite of warm weather, longtimefollower is stuck inside desperately defending a stock that has seen its increasingly bad management sink its share price lower and lower.

    Does longtimefollower know that even stock brokers take the weekend off??? Even if he's getting paid to pump this stock, can't he do it early Monday morning??? There is life outside of TUES and its share price, longtimefollower. Shut your computer off occasionally and enjoy some of it.

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    • Yeah, longtimefollower's looking pretty stupid now, isn't he? It's sure good to be long instead of short. Did you know that your potential loss on a short position is unlimited? Not that I have anything against short-selling--I do it myself from time to time, but shorting this one at the current price is a Really Bad Idea.

    • In both cases, Tuesday Morning and Dillard's the calls for change of leadership grow and grow.

    • Um ... hate to break it to you, but you made this post on the weekend as well. Who are you to criticize someone else for having no life because they post on the weekend? Apparently they have an audience that reads what they're posting.

    • Since posting times are U S Eastern, it is not at all clear that it was "afternoon" or "night" when the referenced postings were made. Longtimefollower may be in Tashkent or Vladivostok or 京都.

      He/she is correct about TUES valuation.

      I do not agree that abrupt doubling of position size at $1 is the way to accumulate it, though. Instead, small additions as the price drops--if it drops--are the way to proceed.

      In particular, one could set a minimum position value goal and a somewhat lesser spring-to-action value. A buy order is entered with its limit set so that the position's value at the limit price is the spring-to-action value and with the order's size sufficient to ensure, should it fill, that the position's value at the limit price is equal to the minimum position value goal.

      Example: One owns 100 shares of TUES and decides to maintain a minimum position value of $175 and a spring-to-action value of $150. The buy order to enter is one for 17 shares, limit $1.50 since a share price of $1.50 brings the position value down to the spring-to-action value of $150, and a 17-share purchase at that price brings the position value back to $175.50.

      The lower one's transaction cost, the closer to the minimum position value can the spring-to-action value be set.

      We had a glorious sunset about a month ago up here.

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