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  • incomenvalue2 incomenvalue2 Mar 6, 2009 5:07 AM Flag

    TUES has fallen from $40 to 62 cents


    Zero confidence from the industry analysts. Zero confidence from TUES's executive team. Zero confidence from the Board of Directors. Zero confidence from the company itself.

    With actions speaking louder than words, they are collectively affirming the value of TUES at 62 cents.

    Great Job !

    Dont bother with things like modest pay cuts. Afterall, you are in this for what you can get, not what you can produce !

    Not a single member of TUES mgmt or board apparently thinks the shares are a value at 62 cents.

    Just like they didnt at $15, at $10, at $6, at $4, at $2, at $1 and now at 62 cents.

    Im sure those insiders are just wrong, despite being RIGHT since $40.


    Gawd, I need to go try and buy SOMETHING,anything from my local TUES, NASTY floors and all.

    Its MY money they are pissing away as they get richer and richer year after year.

    And dont ask THEM to buy a single share of stock.

    Why take risk when their current deal is "heads they win, tails shareholders lose" ?

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    • Your frustration is WARRANTED and JUSTIFIED. Frankly, the board of directors look like BUFFOONS for not announcing a share buyback. And the officers and directors are presumed to have NO confidence in the company's survival, without ANY open market buying, even though they had the chance, when the last window was open, at $1.00-1.10.

      There's a TOTAL DISCONNECT, at this point, between the "true value" of the company, and the market value. And the market value is very much the tail that wags the dog here. If they come out with a buyback announcement, or even show that they can meet estimates of breaking even, for the fiscal year ended 6/30/09, there is no doubt that this stock will be probably 3-5x its current price, later this year.

      I choose not to "freak out," because of the lack of insider buying, because I believe that 19 years of profitability, out of the last 20, from core operations, speaks to the strength of the model. So I'll just keep selling other positions, to buy this, as, or if, it gets cheaper.

      People are going to be "kicking" themselves for not buying this stock, when they look back, 1 or 2 or 3 years from now.

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