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  • longtimefollower longtimefollower May 7, 2009 12:42 AM Flag

    STRONG rebound volume here.

    Ready to move to new highs. $4.00-4.50 target by next week. Definite resistance at $4.50-5.00.

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    • Longtime
      Can not wait for that move. What are your latest buys? TIA

      • 1 Reply to motormanohio
      • Bought a decent chunk of SALM at 65-70 cents today. Earnings out after the close, and I think they are fantastic. (Company is selling at like 1 1/2 x earnings, based on annualized run rate of about 50 cents in EPS!)

        While it's up somewhat, I still think TA is a great buy at $2.65, with eventual annual EPS potential of somewhere between $2-4, and a great balance sheet!

        ACLS is more risky, but very very cheap, on a price/book, and price/net-working-capital basis.

        FBN is up significantly, but based on their just released earnings report, worth more like $10-12, than $3.75.

        GAXC is an excellent buy at 26 cents. They are going to earn 13 cents in EPS this year (exclusive of charges), so it is selling at only 2x this year's earnings! (Fair disclosure: I own 3% of the company.)

        GCI is still very very cheap....although I might wait for a pullback to maybe $4.00-$4.25 before buying.

        XJT is a spectacular bargain. They have net cash per share roughly equal to the current stock price, and have brought the share count down to 15 million, from 22 million, in just the last 8 months or so, with stock buybacks. That's INCREDIBLE!

        HTCH is HIGHLY speculative, but if they make it, it is definitely undervalued.

        KDE is also highly speculative, but again, if they make it, it is drastically undervalued.

        I have positions in every single stock listed above.

        I'm going to nibble on more LZB on any drop to $2.50 or so.

        RCKY is attractive. MEAD is highly speculative, but very attractive.

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