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  • longtimefollower longtimefollower Oct 13, 2010 10:04 AM Flag

    No one cares.

    No posts about the prelim. earnings? I'm disappointed in all of you. [lol]

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    • Did any group buy the bulk of TM shares when Madison Dearborn sold out last year, perhaps some of the senior management bought some at that time. Looking at the volume of shares that several senior management members hold it is possible and could explain the no re-action to the current situation.

    • I care....but let's face it....this stock is all over the map and with light volumes its subject to more volatility....that is why I swing trade it. It seems to have found a home in the low $5's....hopefully more volatility this week....remember last sales were good...then bad..then good...then bad...I think we get a couple bites at the swing trade apple again this year.

    • >> These are the customers with big bucks.

      I think it's only natural to believe that well-to-do, FEMALE, college-educated shoppers not only appreciate but EXPECT a reasonably clean, reasonably organized store. Affluent educated shoppers, particularly women, will walk if the stores are trashed. They DO have options even if they are in a bargain hunting mode. TJ Maxx does a very good good of selection, price, and location.

      I wonder if Tuesday Morning stores might be a little too small in size to compete in the long run. Their opportunistic buying should give them an edge over the larger store such as TJ Maxx but that isn't what I see when I shop the stores. You got to give shoppers a reason to venture in the stores if this company is to survive.

    • Sure they do. That's when they are fantasizing about being poor white trash. What a rush to go through shame & disgrace and then walk out the door with the prize.

    • When I saw your tagline, I thought you were talking about the stores themselves. I had the misfortune of stepping into a Tuesday Morning store recently and I was unimpressed. The clearance junk (and I do mean JUNK) was every where. It seems as if they don't know the importance of getting ridding of old merchandise. Looking at the floor, one would have thought that the rodeo had just wrapped up. They were NASTY!!! Lastly, the store was in bad, bad need of some lighting maintanance. I'd say about 25% of the store light fixtures were burnt out. Lastly, the prices I saw were not sufficient to make me want to come back any time soon. I think TJ Maxx has much better deals with a broader selection and nicer, neater presentation.

      No wonder this stock is struggling to maintain $5.00. I left feeling like I had visited a jucky second hand store.

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      • beetleruss Jun 18, 2012 6:35 PM Flag

        That's a large part of the problem - dirty, unkempt stores.

      • beetleruss Feb 16, 2012 1:10 PM Flag

        What reason is there for anyone to wander into a Tuesday Morning store? The stores are trashy, the prices are generally uncompetitive, the stores are often dark in spots due to unmaintained lights, and the floors are NASTY. Where's the promotional campaign to tell everyone what a Tuesday Morning store is and why they should shop there? Where is Lauren Bacall when we need her?

      • "No wonder this stock is struggling to maintain $5.00. I left feeling like I had visited a jucky second hand store."

        I completely agree with you on your assessment. TUES might have been able to get by with a shoddy presentation years ago when they first opened but the slum look is a big turn off now. TJ Maxx, Ross, and other retailers allow shoppers to snag bargains without going into dark, dirty, disheveled stores. Without the fabulous deals that TUES USED TO have, this company is doomed.

    • Hardly a week doesn't go by that a previous customer sees me and tells me how much they wished I were back @ Tuesday Morning. "The store's a wreck" is the usual phrase. These are the customers with big bucks.

      Sorry Tuesday Morning. I couldn't care less now.

    • I asked this once before; why aren't the "analyst estimates"available on yahoo finance and also where else can this info be obtained.


    • Valid point. I like the fundamentals and went to a few stores to check it out. Would have liked to have seen a cleaner looking store. I know they are no frills but if you are selling to upper income and middle class clients, they don't want to go into a place that looks so depressing. I managed grocery sores and cleanliness was trumpeted above all....for good matters.

    • there is no reason that I can tell for TUES to trade at 0.25x EV/Rev. while BBY trades at 0.35x, TLB trades at 0.61x and ANN trades at 0.55x....the growth dynamics and the normalized profitability of the three comps. are the same as is for TUES.

      also, looking at 10yr average eps relative to EV, TUES trades at less than 6x p/e, while the others above trade at 13x to 15x.

    • LTF-Of course it's great that the year may see something in the range of $.40-.50 earnings but didn't know how to judge the current prelim results for the first quarter. You've broken it down as to how it things could develop for the year, but The 'Analysts Estimates' link in Yahoo hasn't been active for some time. I've never seen that before. I wouldn't mind knowing why it's been turned off and where else this info would be readily available. Or, I suppose, it could be something that relates to my Web browser but don't think so.

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